Waitikiri Drive, Burwood, Christchurch NZ
18 Holes
Canterbury Resident
Affiliate 18 Holes
Non-Affiliate 18 Holes
9 Holes
Canterbury Resident
Affiliate 9 Holes
Non-Affiliate 9 Holes
Subscription Rates
Descriptions of these membership categories are available here >>
Subscriptions are valid from 1 October to 30 September each year.
Full playing
 Introductory (*)
 Intermediate (19-25 yrs incl.)$450
 Student (Under 25 yrs with Student I.D.)
WomenFull playing

Introductory (*)

Intermediate (19-25 yrs incl.)$360

Student (Under 25 yrs with Student I.D.)$260

9 Hole$565

JuniorsUp to 14 yrs incl.
 15 to 18 yrs incl.
SummerMen & Women (1 October to 31 March)
SocialMen & Women (*)$20
* Conditions apply
Subscriptions are inclusive of all fees and GST.
Special International Membership
Options are available for all overseas visiting players. Applies to new members without a permanent resident's visa and non New Zealand citizens.
Corporate Membership
Options are also available through application to the general manager.
Payment of Subscriptions
Members whose subscriptions remain unpaid by the 20 November are not entitled to any of the club facilities. Resignations must be received before the 1 November. Otherwise full subscriptions are payable for the following year.
All subscriptions will be pro-rata from 1 February each year except for NZGA/CGA levies, match and hole in one fees.