Our Standards
Etiquette of Golf
As golf is a game where normally there is no referee or umpire, members are placed on their honour to "play the game", as it not only concerns an opponent, but in competition, it concerns the whole field. Therefore, players must honour and observe the Rules of Golf & the Rules of the Club at all times.
Dress Standards
All members and visitors are required to maintain a respectable, clean and tidy standard of dress when at Waitikiri. Smart casual golfing attire must be worn. Singlet tops, track suit trousers and beach style shorts are not permitted. Appropriate footwear or golf shoes must be worn. Golf shoes with soft spikes or running shoes. Golf shoes that have been worn on the course should not be worn in the clubhouse.
Slow Play
Common sense and courtesy are all important. Limit your practice swings, do not dawdle between shots and do not take unnecessary time on the greens. If you lose your place in the field let others through. A maximum of four (4) players per group, unless directed by the official of the day or the Pro Shop.
Course Care
  • Please replace divots and fill them with sand.
  • Repair all pitch marks on the greens.
  • Rake bunkers after use.
  • Start play from the designated tee areas.
During winter months, in order to protect the course from frost damage, the policy on occasions will be to close the course until 9.30am or later if necessary.