The Clubhouse
We are justifiably proud of our Clubhouse, with its modern design and large windows providing a great after-game venue or a venue in its own right. The lounge, café and balcony areas all have stunning views, with our balcony’s well protected from the prevailing easterly.
We are pleased to have members, visiting players and passer-by’s all come and enjoy our Clubhouse. Many cyclists from Bottle Lake Park come in for a re-energising coffee and scone, or even something a little stronger.
Our fully stocked bar is priced to reflect both the club nature of our venue and the quality associated with Waitikiri Golf Club. Our range of beers feature both familiar, popular brands as well as craft beers. We have a range of house and quality wines plus all the range of spirits. A large range of low and non alcoholic beverages are available.
Our inhouse catering has a superb range of quality food. The team are proud to offer a range of hot and cold food ranging from the easy done to the more substantial. You can get immediately our cabinet food or you can order a meal of choice be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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